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Allmax Isoflex 5 lbs Pure Whey Protein Isolate

ISOFLEX uses a unique protein extraction technology called Hybrid-Ratio Ion-Filtration (HRI). A hybrid of two isolate purification technologies incorporated at a specific ratio to produce a truly superior ultra-pure Whey Protein Isolate. Cutting-Edge HRI Technology allows ISOFLEX to retain an exceptionally high protein yield while maintaining enhanced bioactive whey fractions.


Concentrates have higher levels of fat and sugars with a lower percentage of protein and lower bioavailability than Isolates. While other brands use Concentrates, ISOFLEX users know that Isolates have a superior protein percentage and won’t settle for non-Isolate blends.

Allmax Isoflex 5 lbs Pure Whey Protein Isolate

AED348.00 Regular Price
AED292.00Sale Price
    • Truly Superior Whey Protein Isolate
    • Whey Isolate Protein Technology
    • Gluten-Free & Soy-Free
    • Sugar-Free & Fat Free
    • Lactose-Free
    • Kosher
    • Lab-Tested
    • 100% Whey Isolate Protein
  • Combine one 30g scoop of Isoflex protein powder with 1/2 cup, or 120 ml of water, juice or milk (most choose water or skim milk), depending on your preference, at any time during the day that you need a protein boost. Most athletes with elevated protein requirements double each serving with 2 scoops of Isoflex with about 1 cup (300 ml of water) providing 54 grams of pure protein. Most bodybuilders are aware that high levels of protein consumption are critical to their success. Most will aim for 1.5 to 3 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight daily depending on the intensity and frequency of their training and space their consumption throughout the day. Isoflex mixes well in a shaker cup but can be combined with other ingredients in a blender as a smoothie too.

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