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Bang Energy Drink 12 Pcs x 473 ml Pack

Bang Energy mixes essential vitamins and amino acids with your favorite exotic fruits to present a refreshing, unbeatable combo!


Bang Energy was made to fit your lifestyle. From athletes to students, gamers or musicians, to busy parents, Bang is designed for all walks of life. Whether you’re in the gym or in the classroom, It has amazing flavors to help fuel any activity!

Bang Energy Drink 12 Pcs x 473 ml Pack

AED193.00 Regular Price
AED132.00Sale Price
    • Bang Energy Drinks contain zero carbohydrates
    • Bang energy drinks is sugar-free, carb-free, crash-free, great-tasting
    • Bang contains great ingredients like CoQ10, Essential Amino Acids (EAA Amino Acids), and our patented Super Creatine.
    • Bang Energy Drinks are gluten-free and vegan
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