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Body Builder Whey Protein 10 LB

Whey Protein product from Brand Body Builder, which is the brand of the future for all athletes with all their goals, because of its high quality of products, great effectiveness of the ingredients used, and superior reliability, as it is manufactured in the latest global factories.

The product blends with superior technology between fast-absorbing whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate that is less absorbent than protein isolates to ensure the advantage of each of them that the protein is quickly absorbed immediately after training, which provides sufficient supply to fuel exhausted muscles from exercise in addition to supplying the body with the protein needed for a longer period.

Body Builder Whey Protein 10 LB

AED315.00 Regular Price
AED270.00Sale Price
    • 25 g of Whey Protein Per 1 Scoop
    • Contains 5 Digestive Enzymes
    • Lean Muscles Growth
  • Mix One Level Scoop (35.5g) With 200 - 300 Ml (7 - 10 Oz.) Of Cold Water in Your Shaker.

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