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Inner Armour Hard Mass Gainer 12 LBS

This is a unique combination of key components, which, in addition to the main macronutrients, include creatine, HMB, glutamine, etc., contained in precisely adjusted clinically proven dosages. This allows you to experience a significant increase in the energy level of the body, the development of pure muscle mass, the speed of recovery, the reduction of muscle soreness, as well as the functioning of the immune system. Hard Mass Gainer is a metabolically effective anabolic muscle food designed specifically for weightlifters and hard gainers.


With 1200 calories per serving, you will benefit your body, which is deficient in protein and calories from a regular diet. How will muscles grow if they are not given the opportunity to eat normally? Hard Mass Gainer has a patented unique complex of anabolic proteins supplying di-, tri- and polypeptides. The highest quality protein sources provide the necessary positive nitrogen balance in the muscles, loading the muscles with amino acids, including BCAAs, in large quantities, thereby simply promoting muscle growth and post-workout recovery, as well as providing the body with energy for a first-class workout.

Inner Armour Hard Mass Gainer 12 LBS

AED265.00 Regular Price
AED210.00Sale Price
    • 50 grams of protein and 1200 calories per serving
    • Enriched with glutamine, glutamine peptides, vitamins, minerals and creatine
  • Mix 2 scoops (about 168 grams) with 400 ml of water or milk.

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