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RC Ronnie Coleman BCAA xs 30 Servings

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series BCAA XS is a 2:1:1 ratio flavored BCAA powder containing 4.4 grams of all 3 branched chain amino acids, leucine, Iso-leucine and Valine from InstaAminos. BCAA's support muscle protein synthesis, reduce muscle breakdown during exercise and improve exercise performance. InstAminos are Instantized BCAA's, meaning that it mixes and absorbs with ease.

RC Ronnie Coleman BCAA xs 30 Servings

AED123.00 Regular Price
AED77.00Sale Price
    • Recovery support
    • Strength support
    • Maximize endurance
    • Zero sugar
    • 4.4g BCAA
  • Take 1 scoop of BCAA XS™ with 6-8oz of water, vary water for desired taste. Use in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise regimen to maximize results.

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