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SSA Supplements 100% Pure Glutamine 60 Servings

Glutamine is an important component and building block of protein as well as playing a critical role in improving health and the functionality of the immune system. Furthermore, Glutamine plays a vital role in improving intestinal health.

SSA Supplements 100% Pure Glutamine 60 Servings

AED92.00 Regular Price
AED68.00Sale Price
    • Greatly reduce the fatigue experienced during and after intense training sessions.
    • Notably decrease the onset and experience of muscle soreness as a result of harsh workouts.
    • Increase muscular recovery capabilities.
    • Help with muscle and strength gains.
  • Mix one or two heaped scoops (5g or 10g) with 200ml of water or juise. Can be used more than once daily and is particularly beneficial straight after training sessions.

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