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Applied Nutrition Amino Fuel EAA 30 Servings

Nourish your muscles with the nutritional supplement Applied Nutrition Amino Fuel, it is an ideal blend of amino acids that provides 11 grams of amino acids for each obtained, each contains 2 grams of L-Glutamine and 9 grams of Amino Fuel contains 6 grams of which are amino acids with full chains Applied Nutrition Amino Fuel is a distinct nutritional supplement, especially for bodybuilders as it works to build muscle mass thus increasing muscle.

Applied Nutrition Amino Fuel EAA 30 Servings

AED143.00 Regular Price
AED97.00Sale Price
    • Sugar-free.
    • Fat free.
    • carb free.
    • It contains only 3 calories.
  • Mix 1 serving (13g) with 500ml of water and shake well. Consume before, during, and post-workout or anytime during the day when Amino intake is required.

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