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Applied Nutrition Critical Whey Protein 2 kg

Applied Nutrition Critical Whey Blend is a new world of whey protein that maximizes muscle building for athletes. It is a high-purity protein. Applied Nutrition Critical Whey Blend has been produced using ultrafiltration technology to be the fastest digesting and absorbing whey protein concentrate - whey protein isolate and whey protein. Hydrolyzed milk.

Applied Nutrition Critical Whey Protein 2 kg

AED234.00 Regular Price
AED192.00Sale Price
    • gluten-free.
    • Supports muscle growth and repair.
    • It contains high levels of highly purified protein.
    • Easy and fast to digest and absorb.
    • Free from any prohibited substances.
    • It was tested on a group of athletes.
    • It works to build muscle intensely, as it contains an appropriate rate of protein with 21.0 grams of protein, along with 1.5 grams of fat with 2 grams of carbohydrates.
    • Pumping blood in a larger amount to the muscles, as it contains 513 mg of arginine in addition to taurine, 1.3 grams of which increases endurance with more growth and size.
    • Contains 4.8 grams of saturated amino acids (BCAA) to restore recovery and build muscle
    • It contains 981 mg of beta-lanine in addition to tyrosine 670 mg to increase the ability to focus with great energy of activity for a long time.
  • Mix 2 Scoops (30g) of protein powder with 250-500ml of water or milk and shake well. Consume immediately after training or throughout the day on non-training days.

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