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Barbarian Colossal Mass Gainer 4.2 kg

Barbarian Nutrition Colossal Mass is a high calorie gainer to add on size and muscle.


Athletes and lifters looking to increase size need to consume more calories then they burn.

They do this by increasing the frequency and amount of the food they eat. Ideally 3 – 5 small meals spread out during the day.

An average 75 kilogram lifter wanting to increase size should be consuming between 3500 – 4000 calories per day. A medium cheeseburger and chips has about 700 calories.

To supplement their calories they drink a convenient mass gaining shake between meals.

Each serving of Colossal Mass will give you a massive 739 calories.


Increasing muscle is a combination of extra calories and making sure you meet your daily protein requirements.

A 75 kilogram lifter should be eating approximately 150 grams of protein per day.

To help you meet that target a serving of this mass gainer will give you 40 grams of quality protein from 4 sources.


Barbarian Nutrition Colossal Mass is a well formulated mass gainer giving athletes a performance boost and an increase in muscle size.

Barbarian Colossal Mass Gainer 4.2 kg

AED213.00 Regular Price
AED172.00Sale Price
  • Mix 1 serving (210g) with 500-600ml water or milk.

    Consume 1-2 serving daily to meet your optimal caloric and protein intake.

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