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Kevin Levrone Levro Legendary Mass Gainer 3 kg

Kevin Levrone Levro Legendary Mass The New Generation Mass Gainer From the Levrone Signature Series, Legendary Mass Has Been Based Upon a Carefully Selected Ratio of Proteins and Carbohydrates. The Product Has Been Specifically Developed to Meet the Needs of High-intensity Training Athletes Looking to Gain Quality Muscle Mass and Size. Designed to Provide the Nutrients for a Solid Foundation for High Level, Intense Athletic Training, Legendary Mass Offers the Ideal Blend of Carbohydrates and Proteins in Every Portion.

Kevin Levrone Levro Legendary Mass Gainer 3 kg

AED185.00 Regular Price
AED144.00Sale Price
    • Ideal Option for Physically Active People
    • Contains Essential Macronutrients and a Solid Portion of Calories
    • Excellent Solution for Athletes Training Intensively,
    • Contains Pre-training Supplements, Creatine, and Amino Acid Complexes.
  • Use 4 Servings Per Day (1 Serving 45-75 Minutes Before Workout, 1 Serving Immediately After Workout and 2 Servings Between Meals). During Non-training Days Use 2 Servings Between Meals. This Formula is Highly Concentrated, and Due to Its Potency, You May Want to Consider Using 1 Serving 2-4 Times Per Day.

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