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Mega Sport Amino Hardcore 325 Chewable Tablets

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and muscle tissue. All types of physiological processes relating to sport - energy, recovery, muscle / strength gains and fat loss, as well as mood and brain function - are intimately and critically linked to amino acids. It is no wonder amino acids have become major players in athletes supplementation, especially among bodybuilders. Amino hardcore is a powerful blend of all three Branched Chained Amino Acids plus other essential aminos. Scientifically formulated with high bioavailability for your hardcore bodybuilding regimen, Amino Hardcore provides crucial building blocks for protein, which is the main component of muscle tissue.

Mega Sport Amino Hardcore 325 Chewable Tablets

AED132.00 Regular Price
AED97.00Sale Price
    • Chewable amino acid tablets
    • Delicious Taste!
    • Powerful blend of branched chain amino acids plus other essential aminos
    • Increases endurance
    • Improve performance
    • Speed recovery
  • Take 6 tablets 2 times daily. Best takes 45 minutes prior to a meal and immediately following a workout. For best absorption, take with a diluted fruit juise or other diluted carbohydrate liquid.

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