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Olimp Beta-Alanine Carno Rush Mega Tabs - 80 Tablets

Valuable amino acid that enhances athletic performance by reducing fatigue and increasing endurance.


Olimp Beta-alanine Carno Rush Mega Tabs is a specially-designed combination of beta-alanine, l-histidine and vitamin B6, designed for all who practice strength-endurance sports, strength sports and endurance sports that require great physical fitness maintained for a longer period of time, or have a great frequency of training sessions.


Beta-alanine helps to prolong the time before becoming tired, thus increasing the workout volume significantly. Beta-alanine and L-histidine supplemented together provide two substances necessary for the synthesis of carnosine, which shows great anti-oxidizing potential and may delay degrading processes in the cells during intense workouts.


Olimp Beta-alanine Carno Rush Mega Tabs shows a potential positive influence in terms of limiting workout-related acidification of the body and boosting the elimination of acidic ions from muscle cell after workout and during regeneration.

Olimp Beta-Alanine Carno Rush Mega Tabs - 80 Tablets

AED118.00 Regular Price
AED57.00Sale Price
    • Reduces fatigue
    • Increases endurance
    • Enhances athletic performance
  • Take 3-4 tablets daily with a meal or before training, drinking with a large amount of water.

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