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OstroVit Ashwagandha 90 Tablets

OstroVit Ashwagandha is a dietary supplement containing an extract from the root of Withania somnifera. Withania somnifera is also known as Indian ginseng, it is a plant whose properties and healing effects have been used for thousands of years in traditional Ayurvedic (Old Hindu) medicine. The medicinal raw material is mainly roots and fruits that increase vital forces and improve the work of the mind.

OstroVit Ashwagandha 90 Tablets

AED88.00 Regular Price
AED49.00Sale Price
    • Supports the proper functioning of the circulatory system
    • Contributes to the maintenance of the proper functioning of the nervous system
    • Contributes to increasing physical performance
    • Supports the processes of remembering
    • Helps to slow down the aging process of the body
  • Use 1 serving (1 tablet) per day.


    Do not exceed the recommended daily dose for consumption. Dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute (replacement) of a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended. Do not eat if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product. The product should not be used by children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Keep out of reach of small children.

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