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Quamtrax Nutrition Collagen Plus with Peptan 350g

The new Hydrolyzed Collagen with Peptan Collagen Plus Quamtrax of bovine origin is a last generation collagen supplement that stands out for its extraordinary quality and purity thanks to its bioactive collagen peptides from Peptan.


The revolutionary formulation of Collagen with Peptan by Quamtrax Collagen Plus, has been designed to maintain optimal health of our bones and connective tissue.


The action of hyaluronic acid together with magnesium and its vitamin complex (vitamin C, B3 and B6), reinforce the action of hydrolyzed bovine collagen Collagen Plus, helping to stop joint wear caused by the passage of time and continued physical activity.

Quamtrax Nutrition Collagen Plus with Peptan 350g

AED113.00 Regular Price
AED80.00Sale Price
  • Mix 12 grams of collagen plus (1 level scoop) with approximately 250 ml of water or juice on an empty stomach.

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