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SSA Supplements Enduro-X Energy 25 Servings

Enduro-X has been formulated to ensure that endurance athletes have a sustainable source of energy as well as minerals and vitamins that ensure the body works at optimal levels during these long and extended bouts of physical activity.


Additionally, Enduro-X has been infused with endurance-boosting ingredients such as Beta-Alanine, Taurine, a top-notch electrolyte profile, as well as a healthy dose of BCAAs and multivitamin blend to guarantee that you have all minerals and vitamins needed for you to have sustainable and long-lasting reserves of energy for extended periods of time.

SSA Supplements Enduro-X Energy 25 Servings

AED125.00 Regular Price
AED97.00Sale Price
    • Provides sustained energy and endurance
    • Includes BCAA’s and other Essential Amino Acids for recovery
    • Full Vitamin Profile and Electrolyte Support
  • Pre Training/Race: Mix one rounded scoop (30g) in 400ml of cold water 20 minutes before activity.

    Intra-Training/Race: Events lasting longer than 3 hours an additional serving can be taken during the race. If you have taken Enduro-X before the event, then the second serving should be consumed approximately 2-3 hours into the race.


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