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SSA Supplements Massive Muscle Mass Gainer 4 kg

SSA Massive Muscle is packed with the necessary essential proteins and energy stimulating carbohydrate chains, even a single serving of this product will send you well on your way to some Massive Muscle.


Pack on some serious size with SSA Massive Muscle.

SSA Supplements Massive Muscle Mass Gainer 4 kg

AED233.00 Regular Price
AED182.00Sale Price
    • Radical amounts of muscle added short in periods of time.
    • Roof shattering strength enhancements.
    • Explosive workout energy from session to session.
    • With the infused vitamins and glutamine, rapid muscle recovery that results in a feedback loop of all the above-mentioned benefits.
  • Mix 1-2 rounded scoops (75-150g) in 200-400ml of water or milk. Consume 2-3 servings daily to meet daily protein and carbohydrate requirements.

    SSA MASSIVE MUSCLE is best used as a post-workout recovery shake.

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